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Sime Darby Plantation welcomes innovative minds from all over the world as we continuously search for new and better ways to address the complex macroeconomics and business challenges that we face.

Knowing that by 2050 the world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion – more than 20% higher than the current 7.9 billion, how do we fulfill food demand from a rapidly growing population without increasing agricultural land use and carbon footprint?

This is why we want to collaborate with other like-minded organisations and individuals as we continue on our innovation and digitalisation journey.

As a globally integrated palm oil company, we see many opportunities for innovation in the palm oil value chain, and we are actively seeking partners who can introduce to us other technologies and innovations that can help us improve our overall sustainability and productivity, as well as the processes at our plantation, mills and refineries.

Check out our latest call for solutions:

Our Current #1 Innovation Challenge

We are actively looking for a solution to harvest fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from the oil palm tree. Current processes involve a skilled harvester cutting FFB from the tree using a long harvesting pole attached to a sickle. The harvesting process requires physical strength, skilful and experienced workers to identify and cut ripe FFB. Oil palm estate operations have been depending on these skilled harvesters, who are mostly migrant workers.

We are now looking for a mechanised and automated solution to harvest FFB. The solution must satisfy the criterion below:

We are interested in solutions particularly related to:


Animal Fats

Premium Quality
Frying Oil


Do you have an innovative solution that could be in our interest?

Reach out and submit your proposals to us. Our internal team will be in touch to learn more about your proposals.